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Media Personality / 29 time Platinum / Award Winning / Aria Nominated / Creative Director / Music, TV Producer / Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur / Cultural Force Multiplier

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Chris Gialanella, President - Los Angeles Magazine

Bringing some spark to the
art of business as a lifestyle


"No more of the nauseating thumb pointing, Dylan Berry is a captivating storyteller who speaks unreservedly, sharing profound insights with a genuine, personal style that fuels your inspiration to dream bigger and embrace boldness.""

Maria Wye Berry (Producer, Netflix SpyOps, SpyCraft, Killing Pablo...).

"Dylan Berry is more than just a voice from stage; his keynotes are more like raw performance art, a blend of hard learned knowledge mixed with a multimedia entertainment flare. Truly a breath of fresh air for a typically dull format." Josh Greenberg (Exec Producer, CNN Heros, MTV Music Awards, Comedy Central Roast Series).


"Dylan's authenticity shines thorough and with his DJ scoring music live during the presentations, it sets a cool tone, visuals are triggered at key moments adding a very cool,  refreshing and unique approach to the Public Speaker circuit.


"A truth-teller, consultant Dylan is a natural educator. Using videos, sound effects, and music to enhance these keynote like experience makes each event not only transformative and inspiring but also engagingly immersive."

Blue Smoke
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"I am not a motivational speaker. I am a guy who made it work in one of the most competitive businesses in the world".

What I've learned by interviewing hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry from superstars, to rising stars.

Key Points: How to harness failure toward success.

Consistency and conviction over a get rich quick mentality


Unlocking Hollywoods Secrets to Success: Embrace the reality that even the greatest achievers follow meticulous plans and disciplined routines. True success is a marathon, not a sprint – a thrilling journey of persistence and evolution!

Finding your stage, "the Right Stage" where you shine.

Key Points: Everyone's spectacular in the right setting. It's about showcasing your unique brilliance on the ideal platform.


Key Points: Uncovering where your talents truly resonate, not just where they're heard. Honing your unique abilities, not stretching to play every role in the orchestra. Realizing that your brilliance isn't about being everywhere all at once, but about being extraordinary where it matters most.

Managing the Fear of Criticism

Key Points: The Paralysis of Criticism: How the fear of judgment stops innovation and creativity. The Mirror Effect: How criticism often reflects more about the critic than about you.


Strategies for Managing Criticism: Learning to differentiate constructive from destructive criticism.

Lack of Conviction. Conviction Is The Singular Key to Success

Key Points: The Meaning of Conviction: How strong beliefs can propel you through any challenge. Real-life Examples: Instances where conviction alone turned the tide.


Cultivating Conviction: Steps to foster and maintain your sense of conviction.

"People are Funny". Understanding Human Behavior

Key Points: The Humor in Human: Recognizing the inconsistencies and unpredictability in human behavior.


Predict to Empower: How understanding human quirks can help in managing teams or handling relationships. 'People Skills' as a Tool: Leveraging emotional intelligence for effective management.

Overcomplication stalls progress. Deconstruct to Rebuild and the Fat Falls Off the Bone

Key Points: The Problem with Complexity: How overcomplication leads to inefficiency.


The Art of Deconstruction: Breaking things down to understand what really matters. Rebuilding with Leaner Foundations: Streamlining for efficiency and effectiveness.

Surrounding Yourself with Progress Performers

Key Points: The Friend Spectrum Analogy: From 'energy drainers' to 'inspirational partners'. In Business, It's the Same: Partners, colleagues, mentors, how the right network can accelerate your goals.


Simple Filters: Criteria to evaluate and build a progress-driven network.

There is always something to learn from everyone and everything if you ask the RIGHT questions.

"Lifelong Learning: Gleaning Wisdom from All Walks of Life"

Key Points: Every interaction and experience, from a casual conversation to a challenging situation, is an opportunity to gain new insights. 


The power of asking the right questions. 

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