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SmashHaus - Owner

Sr. Composer, Creative Director

SmashHaus has provided custom music for 100's of the top shows on TV for 15 years and was the first to employ composers all over the world through the proprietary technology we built. We embeded in Post Production facilities directly gaining access to producers and providing a more effecient music service than our competitors. 


Our profit share paid composers more than any other company in this field despite what they depict in their deals. We never recouped our "admin fee", we paid exactly half of all income we ever made to our composer/partners amounting in Millions.


Since then, the business has been diluted by copy cats who slashed prices and I refuse to do so. We were the little engine that beat up the big boys and thus I am very proud of this company and the composer team worldwide that made it happen! Today, and as a result of this, we are focused on smaller run, highest quality work for media, not large scale production as we were before.  ARTIST RUN 100%!! VIVA EL ARTISTE'S

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Even on a tuesday in a kilt...

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