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A leading, large scale, tech driven crowdsource, custom music shop with a global talent pool.

CREDITS: Oscars, American Idol, Black Sails, Transformers, So You Think You Can Dance, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Comedy Central Roast, MTV Music Awards, Power, Halo, Call of Duty, Americas Best Dance Crew / 30+ TV Network Theme Packages (Time Warner Sportsnet, Stars, Encore, Root Sports...) and 100's more.

DashRadio Host / Soundcloud Radio, SmashHaus Radio...


SmashHaus Radio hosts many large social media communities who feature their talent on radio blocks including Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Bandlab, ZIIKI, Autor Denmark, Digidi Denmark and more


DYLAN BERRY - HOSTED GUESTS: Chainsmokers, Armin Van Buuren, Redfoo, Nervo, X Ambassadors, Redman, Earth Wind and Fire, OT Genesis, Lianne V, Becky G, Karmin, Icona Pop, Bonny McKee, Laidback Luke, Wesley Stromberg (Emblem3). Jay Sean, Dana Dane, Nicky Romero, Lil Dirk...


A venture capital model for Media Companies and high-growth Startups

We consolidate advertising inventory from leading Media Companies in the US and invest in promising Startups that require marketing assistance, in exchange for equity.

As an advisor for Mercurius Media Capital, I have the privilege of working alongside Neville Taraporewalla and Piyush Puri, industry titans who have collectively overseen investments exceeding $20 billion, revolutionizing the global media and capital landscape.


A discreet, invitation-only society bringing together the crème de la crème of the entertainment world. Rooted in Hollywood, our influence stretches across all corners of the globe.

Our members are closely interlinked, ensuring swift and seamless collaboration. With merely zero to one degree of separation between us, we exemplify unity.

Together, our strength amplifies. Our collective vision transcends individual capabilities.

Each month, we congregate at undisclosed venues in Hollywood, California, a familyhood built on trust, growth, and innovation.


Los Angeles

An entertainment industry network connecting leading Nordic and U.S. creators, brands and entrepreneurs from the Entertainment industries. 


PARTNERS INCLUDE: The United Nations, Dynaudio, Royal Unibrew, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, The Nordic Council Of Ministers , Nordic Innovation House, Consulate General Of Finland, Embassy Of Denmark, Norwegian Chamber Of Commerce, Arla, Muuto, Kissmeyer, Ampelos,  Nacc, Hummel, RepostNetwork

# 1 early learning, entertainment educational company in Asia using music and animation. Music has over 10B hits, YouTube Silver, Gold award winner.

I produce two of their animated TV shows, Badanamu Cadets, Badanamu Stories. I am U.S. Creative director and write, co-produce all music with over 2B hits worldwide including the viral hit PONYTAIL. Company is on track to be a 1.5B company in 2020

Wye Productions is an independent TV production company specializing in hard hitting docu-series.


Credits include: Netflix (#5, world) - SpyCraft, SpyOps (#5, world), Traitors/Patriots, Cult of Personality, A Lie To Die For, Expedition Unknown: After the Search, Terrorism Close Calls, Brobots, My Uncle Is The Green River Killer, Extreme Smuggling, Ancient Aliens, The X Prize, Mind Control, Targeted: Osama Bin Laden, Heroes Under Fire, True Story of Killing Pablo, True Story of Che Guevara, Inside Al Qaeda

BUSINESSES DYLAN IS ACTIVE IN (FOUNDER, OWNER, PARTNER OR EQUITY SHAREHOLDER...) (Owner) (Founder) (Creative Director, Investor) - #1 in Asia (Investor) (Partner) (Partner)

Dylan Berry, Hollywood Music Producer, Public Figure, Speaker

I believe we are all in this together and that the currency of humanity lies in collective creativity

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